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12.2: Meter safety precautions

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    The proper care of test equipment and instruments is of utmost importance, whether they are analog or digital. The length of time an instrument retains its original usefulness and accuracy depends largely on the care it receives in the hands of the user.


    importance.pngImproper connection can cause damage to the circuit or the test instrument, or cause personal injury.

    Precautions in handling and using a meter

    These precautions apply equally to digital and analog meters.

    • Do not drop any meter.
    • Do not overload any meter. When in doubt, use a high range that you know will not be overloaded. You can always switch to a lower range if necessary.
    • Do not tamper with precision instruments. Let a competent instrument repair person service precision instruments.
    • Before connecting a meter to a circuit, ensure that the range switch is set to an appropriate position.
    • Carefully check circuit connections before applying power to meters.
    • Be careful not to touch any other electronic components within the equipment.
    • Be careful not to touch the probe tips to each other while connected to anything else.

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