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Answer Key

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    Answer Key

    Self-Test 1

    1. c. Conductor
    2. d. Multiple insulated wires grouped together in a common sheathing
    3. c. To prevent unwanted current flow
    4. d. When flexibility is needed
    5. b. False
    6. b. It should be tinned.
    7. b. False
    8. d. It can be removed easily.
    9. b. False
    10. c. Crimp-on

    Self-Test 2

    1. a. True
    2. b. Wetting
    3. b. The strands should be visible under the solder.
    4. b. False
    5. a. To remove oxides
    6. a. Tin-lead
    7. b. False
    8. a. Tin it.
    9. d. Dress it with a fine file.
    10. d. To pull heat away from certain components
    11. a. Insufficient heat