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4.4: Piston Pumps

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    List the four main types of piston pumps.


    Define the terms axial and radial.


    Identify parts in an axial piston pump and draw a diagram.


    Pronounce the term “swash plate” correctly. Have your instructor verify correct pronunciation.


    Describe how an axial piston pump executes the phases of a positive displacement pump.


    Describe how a variable displacement axial piston pump works.


    Identify which swash plate positions produce max/min flow rate.


    Describe a bent axis piston pump.


    Describe a radial piston pump.


    Describe a rotating cam radial piston pump.


    Take apart a piston pump. Identity internal components.
    Find the data sheet for a piston pump. Identify displacement, drive speed range, viscosity range, fluid cleanliness requirements, and other pertinent specifications. Explain flow rate as a function of pressure, flow rate as a function of drive speed, input power requirements as a function of pressure, case drain flow as a function of pressure, and other pertinent charts. (Piston Pump Data Sheet Parker PV Axial Piston Pump Datasheet)