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8.3: #CareerGoals

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    Visual Information Specialist

    • Company/Organization: National Park Service
    • City: Bar Harbor, Maine
    • Starting Pay: $43,251 - $56,222 per year (2020)
    • Other Important Details: Main responsibilities of job are day to day management and maintenance of website and social media feeds for Acadia National Park. Federal job so US citizenship required. Seasonal position; eligible for future re-hiring.

    Aquatics Program Manager

    • Company/Organization: City of Santa Monica
    • City: Santa Monica, California
    • Starting Pay: $102,600 - $126,672 (2020)
    • Other Important Details: Successful applicant will manage the City’s comprehensive aquatics programs at multiple aquatic venues, which includes managing daily operations, facilitating and coordinating community programs and activities, overseeing customer service, partnering with permit organizations, leading staff development and promoting the safety and wellbeing of all patrons and staff. Will also develop, manage, oversee, and supervise the City’s comprehensive aquatics facilities and programs including instruction, recreational classes and events for the community. Education Qualifications: Graduation from an accredited college or university with a bachelor’s degree. A master’s degree in recreation, public or business Administration is preferred.

    Leadership & Trips Director

    • Company/Organization: Snow Mountain Ranch YMCA
    • City: Winter Park, Colorado
    • Starting Pay: $ 37,000 - $40,500; benefits and lodging provided (2020)
    • Other Important Details: The Leadership & Trips Director is primarily responsible for successful implementation of camp programs for the Leadership and Trip Camps (13-17 year olds), budgeting, hiring and training staff, and hitting goals set forth by the YMCA of the Rockies. Director also leads the Youth Leadership Board for Camp Chief Ouray; assists in leading Youth In Government programs through the local school district and post-camp and winter programs. Applicant must have documented experience working with youth of color; Knowledge of backcountry camping programs; logistics, Leave No Trace, emergency evacuations, and permitting processes; and a valid, USA state-issued driver’s license.

    Parks and Facilities Manager

    • Company/Organization: City of Pomona
    • City: Pomona, California
    • Starting Pay: $106,704 - $129,708 (2020)
    • Other Important Details: Successful applicant will direct, manage, supervise, and coordinate the City's Parks and Facilities Division programs and activities including maintenance of parks, playgrounds, sports fields, parkways, medians, street trees, landscape, open space areas, buildings, historic sites, and other facilities. Will develop regular and preventative maintenance plans and replacement schedules; administer contract services, such as landscape maintenance, security guard, and janitorial services. Will coordinate assigned activities with other City departments, divisions, community groups, and outside agencies. Will represent the Department and City at various internal and external meetings, including City Commissions and provide highly responsible and complex administrative support to the Department Director.

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