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3.4: Journey to Success

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    My career path began in operations working in nearly every department of the hotel.  This not only provided real-time learning but prepared me for a long-term sales career allowing me to accurately depict the capabilities of a hotel and methods to amplify its presence to prospective clients. While in school, I was a banquet server at a hotel, his led to Reservations Agent, which lead to Front Desk Agent, which lead to Sales Administrative Assistance, which lead to Junior Account Executive which lead to Account Executive Sales, which lead to my first relocation to Philadelphia for a hotel training center, which lead to pre-opening a hotel in New Orleans, which lead to Home Office Position managing global sales, which lead to returning to the field in a Director of Sales position for a pre-opening. For each position I had a mentor who helped me open up the "next door".

    Current Role

    • Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Hyatt LAX, Los Angeles, CA, 2015-2020

    Previous Roles

    • Director of Sales & Marketing, The LA Hotel Downtown, Los Angeles, CA, 2012-2015
    • Director of Sales & Marketing, Marriott Los Angeles Downtown, Los Angeles, CA, 2003-2012
    • General Manager, Sheraton Anaheim Hotel, Anaheim, CA 2002-2003
    • Director of Sales & Marketing, Sheraton Anaheim Hotel, Anaheim, CA 1996-2002


    • Northwood University, Midland Michigan, AS Hotel and Restaurant, Minor in Business, Culinary Arts Degree

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