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11.3: #CareerGoals

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    Vice President of Human Resources

    • Company/Organization: Fox Restaurant Concepts
    • City: Phoenix, AZ
    • Starting Pay: Estimated $100,000 - $250,000 per year (2020)
    • Other Important Details: As a key member of the Fox Restaurant Concepts leadership team, the VP of Human Resources will play a vital role in positioning Fox Restaurant Concepts as an employer of choice. Reporting directly to the President, this individual will prioritize HR initiatives by balancing the unique needs of Fox Restaurants with the strategy set by our parent company, The Cheesecake Factory. Responsibilities include providing support to the business while overseeing the creation and execution of practices aligned to business objectives. This individual will cultivate programs to build culture and morale, enhance team member engagement, execute compensation and benefit plans, drive pay for performance, compensation, lead succession planning as well as set the direction for people initiatives in recruitment, training & development.

    Director of Training and Development

    • Company/Organization: Chick-fil-A
    • City: Los Angeles, CA
    • Starting Pay: $50,000-$60,000 per year (2020)
    • Other Important Details: The Director of Training and Development’s main role is to aid in the performance of all employees. This person oversees all aspects of training and career development for their store locations. Main duties include the review and assessment of current training approaches to identify areas for development. Strategic planning to improve and maintain current training and development programs for all staff. Oversee training managers and trainers in each store to ensure proper training process is implemented. Assess the validity of training programs to ensure that training is applied and effectively improving performance. Work in the operations of the business to become a subject matter expert on each position and help the stores to operate.

    Director of People and Culture

    • Company/Organization: Pomegranate Hospitality Restaurant Group
    • City: New Orleans, LA
    • Starting Pay: Estimated $70,000 - $110,000 per year (2020)
    • Other Important Details: Pomegranate Hospitality is looking for an experienced, passionate and engaging Director of People and Culture to drive the culture of a growing restaurant group focused on maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for all team members. Pomegranate Hospitality's goal is for every employee to feel that we are not just where they work, but where they belong.  We are a community, not just a company and this role is critical in upholding our mission and core values of Empowerment, Passion, Communication, Positivity, Reliability, Education, and Fairness. This position directly oversees the Human Resources function and is responsible for ensuring that Pomegranate Hospitality embraces constant improvement and innovation in recruitment, onboarding, retention, training, development, and team engagement. The Director of People and Culture will maintain and enhance the organization’s human resources functions by strategically planning, implementing, and evaluating team member policies, programs, and practices as well oversee all legal compliance, benefits administration and compensation.

    Senior Director, Diversity and Inclusion Strategies and Solutions

    • Company/Organization: Marriott International
    • City: Bethesda, MD
    • Starting Pay: Estimated $90,000 - $150,000 per year (2020)
    • Other Important Details: As a member of the Global HR team within the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Center of Excellence (COE), the Senior Director, Diversity and Inclusion Strategies & Solutions will contribute a high level of knowledge, skill, and consultative leadership to ensure that Marriott’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs and strategies are innovative and provide solutions to drive associate engagement. The position will partner with Marriott’s Talent Acquisition, TakeCare Employer Brand, Multicultural Affairs and HR Continent teams to promote Marriott’s culture of inclusion through the development and implementation of diversity, equity and inclusion, work life integration, multigenerational and workplace programs that support all our businesses and brands enterprise wide. In addition, the position will lead and manage key projects to implement appropriate programs, innovative solutions, communications, and management strategies and processes across Marriott, in alignment with the broader diversity management approach, and in collaboration with other key stakeholder groups. As an individual contributor, this position partners and collaborates with other HR groups on projects. The position will develop and deliver presentations to internal and external audiences representing Marriott’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategies.

    Manager, HR Compliance Diversity and Belonging

    • Company/Organization: Hawaiian Airlines
    • City: Honolulu, HI
    • Starting Pay: Estimated $50,000 - $80,000 per year (2020)
    • Other Important Details: This role will serve as a strategic thought partner and trusted advisor working closely with leaders and the rest of HR to implement the company’s people strategy and continuously improve the Hawaiian Airlines work environment. This role drives strategic program recommendations, development, prioritization and deployment in employment compliance and diversity and belonging for our Hawaiian Airlines ‘ohana.

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