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11.6: Until Next Time...

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    This chapter described the role that the Human Resources function plays in hospitality organizations. The origin of Human Resources as a personnel department responsible for processing paperwork has evolved into a dynamic integration of Human Resources into the strategic planning of the business where the employees are valued and leveraged to meet business goals. The key operational processes in human resource operations involve employee functions including workforce planning, recruitment, selection, orientation, training, performance management, compensation, and benefits administration. Various career opportunities in human resource management exist including more generalist roles where Human Resource positions are responsible for all functions and more specialized roles where positions are responsible for a specific sector of Human Resource management. Technology has impacted the management of human resource operations by shifting the work being done as well as by allowing the HR functions to occur virtually, like online employment applications, payroll, and records management. Sustainability efforts for businesses are linked to the Human Resource department and human resource initiatives often support sustainability efforts. Finally, Human Resource professionals facilitate accessibility and inclusion efforts in organizations.


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