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12.4: Journey to Success

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    Lisa Felder Hain

    I have worked under a variety of different business units under the Disney Parks umbrella. While the majority of my career has been heavily focused in marketing strategy roles, I actually started in a front-line sales role. Having that unique first hand sales experience, coupled with my degree in marketing, allowed me to more seamlessly bridge gaps between the holistic marketing strategies and sales executions I’ve helped to lead. I attribute much of my ‘journey to success’ to eagerly seeking out new challenges to continue growing a well-rounded professional skillset across various lines of business. Proving myself to be a fast learner with strong business acumen and excellent communication skills helped to establish a personal brand of high utility and strong reliability. These attributes have helped to create pivotal moments where job opportunities have been presented to me, bringing new opportunities for personal growth and senior-level mentorships that will continue to springboard my career growth.

    Current Role

    • Manager of Marketing Strategy for Magic Kingdom Park & Disney's Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World, Celebration, Florida

    Previous Roles

    • Manager of Marketing & Sales Strategy, Disney Cruise line EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), The Walt Disney Company, London, United Kingdom 2015-2018
    • Marketing Strategy Manager, Florida Resident and Annual Pass, Walt Disney World, Celebration, Florida 2014-2015
    • Marketing Associate, Member Strategy, Disney Vacation Club, Celebration, Florida 2012-2014


    • Bachelor of Science in Marketing, Clemson University


    Andrea Wolowitz

    My current role is the Brand and Marketing Strategy Manager for EPCOT and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. What this means is that I make sure the parks are represented accurately and connect to the brand positioning that has been developed.  It also means that I develop strategic direction for the go-to-market communication plans when we open an attraction, Festivals, Hard Ticket Events or create on-going support to drive attendance to the Parks. The biggest influence on my role today was actually where I began my path and the role I had just ahead of my current role. I began my career at an advertising agency. This position gave me the ability to project manage a request from start to finish.  I would receive a request, strategically plan where to place the ad, develop the message, work with creative teams to execute, and then place the actual media.   The next role that had the most influence was working on the Sales & Marketing Strategy team.  This role gave me insights into how the sales team worked, how they connect with their clients and what was the best way in their environment to support the Disney message.  Both of these roles have influenced how I make decisions today.  Had I not had the start to finish project management within the creative realm, I may not know what it takes to fully execute the strategic requests I make today.  And had I not had the sales layer, I may be missing some angles that are important to consider within the strategic planning for the best go-to-market plan.

    Current Role

    • Marketing & Brand Strategy Manager for EPCOT & Disney's Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Celebration, Florida

    Previous Roles

    • Marketing Strategy Manager, Parks Products & Events, Walt Disney World, Celebration, Florida 2017-2019
    • Marketing Strategy Manager, Events & Water Parks, Walt Disney World, Celebration, Florida 2016-2017
    • Marketing Manager, Sales Channel Strategy, Walt Disney World, Celebration, Florida 2014-2016
    • EarMarkes Rewards Program Manager, The Walt Disney Company, Celebration, Florida 2010-2014


    • Bachelors of Arts in Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations, Midland Lutheran College

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