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16.6: Christy Douglass

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    Christy Douglass

    Christy Douglass has over fifteen years of hospitality industry experience. She has started an event planning business, owned and operated a franchise restaurant, worked for a national conference production company, and even served as a college academic counselor while completing her MBA. Christy holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Business Administration and Art and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, all from Cal Lutheran University. She is the lead faculty for Moorpark College's Hospitality Management Program and is a certified instructor and proctor for the National Restaurant Association’s ManageFirst and ServSafe programs. Christy is passionate about career education, distance learning, and open education resources, which together improve educational equity and opportunities for all students. This passion has prompted her to create TEAM Hosp (Teach-Engage-Advocate-Market), an organization dedicated to the advancement of hospitality education. 

    If you are interested in advancing Hospitality Education or wish to collaborate on Hospitality OER, please contact her at 

    Connect with Christy via LinkedIn or


    Christy’s Dedication

    To Mackenzie for being my rock and shoulder to cry on.

    To Pam, Tom, and Gari Ann for being the village I can rely on.

    To Maclane and Macullyn for letting mama follow her dream.

    To all the authors and editors for being an awesome team.

    To Antonio for making a career in education look exciting.

    To Ruth, Cindy, and Josepha for lighting the fire that got me writing.

    To all of the others, too numerous to name, who prayed and believe and added fuel to the flame.

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