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16.8: Delfina Newton

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    Delfina Newton

    Delfina Newton has had the pleasure of working for the Department of Recreation Tourism Management at California State University Northridge since she was a graduate student in the Spring of 1999.  She has learned so much since her days in the classroom and has worn many hats.  Behaviorist, Inclusion Specialist, Development Specialist, Parent Educator, Social Skills Specialist, PTSA President, Secretary, Financial Secretary, Event Planner, Parks & Recreation Commissioner, Swim Instructor, Life Coach, and Recreation Therapist to name a few.  She has learned so much over the course of her career.  She has worked within each branch of the field, therapeutic, outdoor adventure, and tourism recreation.  She is an entrepreneur and has 4 amazing kids 25, 19, 11, & 9 who have taught her so much over the years.  She has witnessed the miracles of play firsthand across the life spectrum.  From a babies’ first smile to one's last breath elements of play were at hand.  She looks forward to sharing with you what she has learned about play, recreation, and leisure and their role in our lives and the quality of our health. 

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