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16.10: Haley Powers

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    Haley Powers

    Haley Powers, CMP worked for Hyatt Hotels for 8 years, was the Director of Sales & Marketing at two Hyatt Hotels. Director of Sales of Marketing at Sheraton, Embassy Suites, Marriott and Red Lion National Sales.  She was an Executive Director of the West Hollywood CVB for 3 years and handled Conventions Sales at the Los Angeles CVB for 9 years.  She also has worked citywide contracts with multiple hotels.

    Haley has been a member of Meeting Professional International since 1982.  She has worked on over 44 committees for the MPISCC Chapter, and is currently serving for the Membership Care committee.  She was Planner for Professional Education in 2004-2005 and 2005-2006, Planner for Membership in 2006-2007 and Chapter Leader in 2005-2006.  This gave her an in-depth perspective on “hot points” that arise each year in contracts. 

    Addition recognitions include:

    MPISCC Chapter Leader of the Year 2005-2006

    MPISCC Presidents Award 2006-2007

    MPISCC Lois Houser Award recipient for service 2008-2009

    Haley Powers is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University and has worked in sales and marketing extensively since 1976.  Haley has worked as a planner and site specialist since 1998, and has taught Hotel and Restaurant Management at UCLA. Powers also teaches Professional Meeting Planning at CSULB and CSUDH. Powers has been a facilitator for the CMP class by MPISCC since 2007.

    She has been published in industry magazines for both the convention market and tourism.

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