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16.18: Natalie Jasinski

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    Natalie Jasinski holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Purdue University studying Hospitality and Tourism Management and a Master’s Degree from Northwestern University studying Communication Sciences. Throughout her studies, she focused on viticulture, sustainability, marketing, technology, and ethics. Early in her career, Natalie found a combined passion for marketing and hospitality. Natalie considers herself a lifelong learner and intends to hold that true throughout the progression of her career. Throughout her professional career, Natalie has helped numerous organizations, from start-ups to well-established corporations like the Walt Disney Company, reach data-driven results through positive and encouraging communication. 

    She has a wide range of passions and hopes to continue to expand her wheel-house throughout her career. As a solutions-minded professional able to lead in cross-functional environments, her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for life reaches anyone who crosses her path. An exceptional communication leader, Natalie hopes to reach consumers and hospitality/marketing professionals in a positive light. 

    You can contact Natalie on LinkedIn, via her website The More You Merlot, or via email

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