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16.20: Patrice Wheeler

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    Patrice Wheeler has been an Assistive Technology Specialist at the community college and university levels since 1998. Her background is in education with an emphasis in Special Ed. Patrice has been a RESNA Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) and completed the Assistive Technology Applications Certificate through California State University, Northridge (CSUN). Patrice is versed in cross-platform and cross-device technology, including Windows, Mac, Android, and various browsers

    Patrice has experience in training students, faculty & staff on assistive technology, assessing the accessibility of technology and content across settings, creating accessible formats for academic materials, and collaborating with campus IT to provide campus-wide access to assistive technology and technology to enhance learning.

    Patrice meets with students with disabilities to assess their skill level with technology, discuss their academic challenges and determine the appropriate technology and strategies that will ensure access, enhance learning and promote success before and after graduation. When recommending technology and strategies to enhance learning and access, Patrice uses an interactive and strengths-based approach to engage students in an interactive consultation process.

    Patrice is always on the lookout for new and emerging technology or strategies that promote student, faculty, and staff success both academically and professionally.

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