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16.21: Paul Spooner

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    Paul Spooner

    Paul G. Spooner

    Faculty, Culinary Arts and Management, Hotel and Tourism Management, Hotel and Recreation Management

    Private Consultant, Hospitality/Restaurant/Small Business

    Areas of Expertise

    • Management, Systems, Training, Development, Trouble-Shooting, Financial Operations Analysis
    • Restaurant Concepts, Design, Operations, etc…
    • Financial Systems, Budgets, Forecasting, Controls
    • Human Resources, Interviewing, Hiring, Training, Staff Development, Management Development
    • Marketing Applications, Advertising, Promotions, Public Relations, Planning
    • Strategic Planning, Business Plans, Business Evaluation/Assessment, Implementation


    • 40 years of operational experience working in the Hospitality and Restaurant Industry has given me extensive experience in most every aspect of the field. Specific expertise within the business is focused on “Front-of the-House” operations with twelve years at the position of General Manager. The most recent position of General Manager was at Duke’s Malibu, an eight million dollar a year restaurant with over a hundred seventy five employees.
    • Owner of own Restaurant Consulting Business, advising clients on virtually all areas of the industry.


    • AA Degree from Pierce Jr. College, 1981; General Education.
    • BA, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Major in Environmental Resource Geography, from San Diego State University, 1984.
    • Instructor at an English Academy in San Sebastian, Spain, 1989-90.
    • Instructor for SDSU Extension in ESL, 1991.
    • MSOL, Argosy University, 2014

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