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16.24: Sean Jung

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    Sean Jung

    Sean Jung Ph.D. is currently an assistant professor at Boston University School of Hospitality Administration (SHA). He received his Ph.D. in hospitality management from Purdue University, and holds a master’s degree in finance from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign.

    Dr.Jung has a diverse working experience in marketing research, consulting, and restaurant entrepreneurship. Starting as an intern at Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS), Dr. Jung has also worked at Deloitte consulting as an Intern/Business analyst in the Strategy and Operation (S&O) department analyzing costs and benefits for new business opportunities. Having interest in the restaurant industry, Dr.Jung later worked in an ethnic chain restaurant both as a restaurant manager and a development manager. In 2014, Dr.Jung co-founded a food cart that sold Asian fusion food in Wall Street.

    Following his working experience, Dr. Jung’s research is focused on strategy management in hospitality and tourism, hospitality location strategies, strategy optimization, and machine learning applications in hospitality.

    Boston University School of Hospitality Administration (SHA) teaches foundational business courses, including finance, analytics, asset management, revenue management, managerial accounting, leadership, and operations. In addition, through thought-provoking electives such as entrepreneurship, hospitality design, advanced food and beverage, and digital marketing, students will be able to grow their network and develop into active professionals in the business.

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