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16.29: Wendy Yost

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    Wendy Yost

    Wendy L. Yost is an educator at heart. With a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and a variety of coaching and practitioner certifications, she has worked within Higher Education the entirety of her professional career, spanning nearly three decades of service within Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, Administration and Finance, University Relations and Advancement, and Information Technology. For the last 13 years, Wendy has served as a Part-Time Lecturer for the Recreation & Tourism Management Department at California State University, Northridge, where she teaches a variety of courses including Entrepreneurialism, Event Planning, Leadership, Marketing/Promotion, Non-Profit Organizations and Fundraising, Play and Human Potential, Research and Evaluation and Women, Leisure and Ethnicity in the United States. After teaching RTM 302: Leadership for over a decade, Wendy highlighted key aspects of the course in a TEDx Talk on The Benefits of Learning to Listen to Your Life; an experimental course for the university’s Queer Studies Program and a Design Thinking intensive for the International Business School of the Americas. Off-campus, Wendy has contributed chapters to a number of best-selling books on practical topics like The Art of Cultivating Professional References and spiritual topics, like Intuition, Aligning with the Energies of the Moon, and Modern Twists on Ancient Teachings. Adapting curriculum honed from her teaching and training and development background, Wendy has also built a variety of Leadership Academies to support those interested in growing through change and generating desired results. A common thread woven through all that Wendy does is assisting people to listen deeply, such that recalibrating their relationship to time, energy, attention – and most importantly, themselves, is a natural outcome. Wendy lives in Thousand Oaks, California and can be reached at and via LinkedIn

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