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6.2: Work Order Process

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  • Commercial Maintenance Process

    Service Request

    • Work Order- Informs technician of the failure or maintenance procedure for corrective action.
    • Inspection- Technician assessment for restoring failed component or service of equipment to operable or optimal condition.
    • Repair- Process of restoring failed component or equipment to operable or original condition.

    “down time” for a necessary piece of equipment or facility component until the item can be obtained. In order to restore operation in a timely manner, it is important to obtain the parts that are right for the job by knowing where to look and knowing how to properly describe the item(s) when ordering.

    Service Call Procedures

    • Display a professional, courteous, and intelligent attitude when dealing with customers.
    • Don’t track dirt or mud into the service location.
    • Make sure your tools do not cause damage to walls, floors, furniture, or other items.
    • Be prepared to show some identification.
    • Find the problem.
    • Fix the problem.
    • Explain what you found and how you fixed it to the customer.
    • Fill in the appropriate paperwork in a legible manner.
    • Make one last inspection of the work area.
    • Clean up any mess you made.