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    • Contributed by Camosun College
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    BCcampus would like to acknowledge the following individuals and organizations for their contributions in producing the Trades Access Common Core Open Textbook resources.


    • Open Education Team
    • Hilda Anggraeni, Graphics

    Camosun College

    • Olaf Nielsen, Chair, Trades Development and Special Projects, School of Trades and Technology
    • Nannette Plant, Manager, Enterprise Point Operations & Special Projects, Office of the VP Strategic Development
    • Rod Lidstone, Instructor, Plumbing and Pipe Trades, Lead Writer/Reviewer
    • Brian Coey, Instructor, Sheet Metal and Metal Fabrication, Writer/Reviewer
    • Matt Zeleny, Camosun Innovates, 3D imaging

    Open School BC

    • Monique Brewer, Director
    • Adrian Hill, Instructional Designer
    • Dennis Evans, Image Coordinator, Photographer, Graphics, Production Technician (layout)
    • Farrah Patterson, Production Technician