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5: Circuit Components and their Schematic Symbols

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    All electrical components are rated with different current, voltage, and other values, depending on their use. Replacing an electrical component with one of a different value could present a serious safety hazard to the person using the equipment. Should you have to replace an electrical component at any time, always be sure that the current, voltage, and other electrical ratings of the replacement match those of the original.

    In addition, to ensure public safety from electrical and fire hazards, the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approves electrical components. Each component is tested before it can be sold on the Canadian market. Always use only CSA-approved equipment. The CSA approval should be clearly visible on the component or the package.

    You may have to assemble devices in a circuit from plans or drawings in which symbols are used to represent basic electrical devices and components. Although some plans use pictures of the devices instead of symbols, you should be familiar with the symbols so that you can identify each individual device. Not all electrical symbols are standard, but most symbols can be easily recognized.

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