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8.2: Homework 8

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    1. How can you change the direction of rotation on a three-phase AC motor?
    2. The rotating part of a three-phase AC motor is called a __________.
    3. The stationary part of a three-phase AC motor is called a ___________.
    4. Which three-phase AC motor has a higher RPM, one with 2 poles, or one with 4 poles?
    5. When the supplied frequency for a three-phase AC motor increases, does the motor RPM’s increase or decrease?
    6. Name one mechanical method to step-up or step-down a motor’s output speed (note: changing the number of poles, while technically correct, is not a method typically used in an industrial environments to change the speed of rotating equipment).
    7. In a motor drive, what does the rectifier portion of the drive do?
    8. Name three characteristics of an inverter rated motor.
    9. Name three of the broad categories that motor drives need to have programmed by the user.
    10. What is the purpose of the communication port on a motor drive?

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