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5.E: Self-Test 5

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  • Self-Test 5

    1. Where is the scale of a drawing found?
      1. In the revisions
      2. In the title block
      3. In the specifications
      4. In the bill of materials
    2. The specifications of a drawing serve as a legal contract for the job.
      1. True
      2. False
    3. Where on a drawing would information on material grade be found?
      1. In the title block
      2. In the specifications
      3. In the revision chart
      4. In the bill of materials
    4. Specifications are a written description of a construction project.
      1. True
      2. False
    5. What should the title block on a drawing always include?
      1. Title
      2. Date
      3. Name of the draftsperson
      4. All of the above