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6.3: Circumference

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    The last geometric shape formula we will look at is the circumference of a cylinder. The circumference is the distance around a closed curve. It is the distance around the length around a circle. The importance of this formula in waterworks mathematics displays itself in questions regarding the painting or coating of a cylinder. The picture below illustrates the circumference.

    Figure \(\PageIndex{1}\): Circumference of a cylinder

    If you “slice” open a cylinder and unravel it, it becomes a rectangle. The length of this rectangle is the circumference of the cylinder. In order to calculate the surface area of a cylinder, use the following formula.

    Area of a cylinder = \(H \times(\text { Diameter } \times \pi)\)

    Where (\(\text { Diameter } \times \pi\)) is the length around the cylinder.

    Exercises 6.3

    Solve the following

    1. What is the area of the wall of a 20 ft tall tank with a 30 ft diameter?
    2. What is the area of the walls of a 1,000 ft section of 24” diameter pipe?
    3. You have been asked to calculate how many gallons of paint would be needed to paint a 30 ft tall tank with a 100 ft diameter. You need to paint the inside roof, floor, and walls. One gallon of paint covers approximately 200 ft2. How many gallons of paint are needed?

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