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3.33: Internet and Word

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    Learning Outcomes

    • Use internet tools to enhance Word documents.

    Rowan Retail Store #1 is using Word to present their plan for the Q3 sales campaign. The campaign for this store will be through social media and the focus on selling more sporting goods in the store. Shanda Bates is creating the Word document.

    First, Shanda opens Word on her computer and decides she will use a report template. She searches for business reports. Word’s search bar uses the internet to find thousands of report templates for Shanda to use. This is one way the internet is integrated into a Word document.

    A Microsoft Word document backstage view is open. There are two green boxes showing that a search for a specific template has been entered and the other one to show that the search is being performed.
    A Microsoft Word document backstage view is open. A green arrow is pointing at a menu where specific templates under the broader search can be found.

    After Shanda selects and downloads the report template, she types in the titles and other information on the first page.

    A Microsoft Word document backstage view is open. A new window showing that a template has been selected and is currently being downloaded is open.

    Next, Shanda begins to compose the plan and wants pictures and icons to add where appropriate, so she opens a web browser and searches for images. To find usable images she selects the Tools>Images for reuse option, which sorts the images to fit this parameter. Shanda finds a little shop icon, copies (Ctrl+C or Cmd+C) and pastes (Ctrl+V or Cmd+V) it into the report. She then drags it and resizes it to fit.

    A google image search has been performed for, social media graphic with a creative commons license. Two green arrows show where to modify the search by adding in a labeled for reuse feature.
    A Microsoft Word document is open with an image of a cartoon shop being displayed. There is a green arrow showing how to resize the newly inserted image.

    She continues to search for images, but this time she uses the Online Pictures button within Word to find a usable Facebook icon.

    A Microsoft Word document is open. A green arrow points to where the option to insert an online picture is.

    She searches and finds an appropriate icon and clicks to insert it in her document.

    A Microsoft Word document is open. An insert pictures dialog box has been opened showing that a search for Facebook creative commons has been entered.

    After resizing the icon, Shanda wraps the text by the icon so that it fits on the page with the text.

    A Microsoft Word document is open. A Facebook logo has been inserted. There are three green arrows showing how to wrap the image within the text.

    Shanda thinks that including a link to the social media strategy video she watched to create this plan is a good idea. She searches and finds the video in YouTube, then copies the link and pastes it into the plan. Alternatively, she could click the share button and share the video on various social media platforms.

    Youtube is open. There is an arrow pointing at the web address and showing that the ctrl+c feature has been used. There is another green arrow pointing at the share button underneath the video being played.

    She continues to fill in the text of the plan and finish this report off. Let’s have a quick recap of the integration actions she took.

    A Microsoft Word document is open. There are four green numbers showing where different parts of the document have been edited. The first number shows where the store icon is, the second shows where the hyperlinked youtube address is. The third green number shows where the graphic chart has been inserted and the fourth where the Facebook logo is.
    1. Store icon. Shanda searched the internet for an appropriate icon, copied it, pasted it, resized it, chose a layout, and dragged the icon to the place in the document she liked.
    2. Hyperlinked YouTube page. Shanda included a link to the video by finding the video on YouTube, then copying and pasting the link into the report. The link can now be clicked to take the reader to watch the video.
    3. Graphic chart. Shanda searched with Word’s Online Picture button and found a chart to display her social media campaign plan’s purpose. Like before, she copied the chart, pasted it, resized it, chose a layout, and centered the chart.
    4. Facebook icon. Shanda searched with Word’s Online Picture button to find the Facebook icon to put next to the Facebook section in her report. She copied it, pasted it, resized it, and picked the appropriate layout option, then dragged the icon to the appropriate place in the document.

    These same processes of search, find, copy, paste, resize, and so on are going to be the same in Excel and PowerPoint.

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