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4.12: Cell Styles

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    Learning Outcomes

    • Apply cell styles.

    You can also apply a style to a cell or series of cells. There are many default cell styles within Excel.A blank Microsoft Excel document is open. A green arrow is pointing towards a green box around the styles section on the home tab. The arrow is pointing specifically at the cell styles option.

    In order to apply a particular cell style:

    1. Select the cell(s) you wish to format.
    2. Click on the appropriate style for your cell.

    In the screenshot below, two cells have a style applied.

    1. “Good” cell indicates the data in that cell is good or correct.
    2. “Check” cell indicates you may need to verify the information in that cell.
    A Microsoft Excel sheet is open with text in cells A1 through C3. There is a green arrow pointing at cell C2 where the style of the text in the cell has become green. There is an orange arrow pointing at cell C3 where the cell has been styled with a gray background.

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