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1.14: Final Presentation Event, Recap, Final Review

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    • Marshall Welsh & William R. Thibodeaux
    • Finch Henry Job Corps Center & Nicholls State University
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    Topic 14

    Final Presentation Event - Off site catering for Charcuterie Project

    This topic is the culmination of your semester long production of cheese, wine, and cured meats. Today you will execute your final buffet of the semester. Other items used here include crackers learned in Topic Seven and the skill sets and knowledge learned in Buffet Presentation. This is your final project grade as set forth in the syllabus.

    Topic 15

    Recap and review for Final Exam

    In our last class, we will review the depth of knowledge gained over the semester as you prepare for the final exam. After this, you will deep clean the kitchen in preparation for the next class of students which you will lead in the Bistro A la Carte course.

    Topic 16

    Final Exam

    A comprehensive examination of all topics covered in the course- Questions will come from a variety of sources including the OER, lecture notes taken by you in class, power points, reading assignments available at our campus library, and any other source provided in class or on Moodle.

    This page titled 1.14: Final Presentation Event, Recap, Final Review is shared under a CC BY-NC 4.0 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Marshall Welsh & William R. Thibodeaux.

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