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    This series of Open Textbooks has been developed collaboratively on behalf of the BC Provincial Cook Articulation Committee and go2HR. The committee would like to thank the following individuals for their contributions to developing, editing and reviewing these texts:

    Wendy Anderson Selkirk College
    Martin Barnett Vancouver Island University
    David Bensmiller University of the Fraser Valley
    Fionna Chong Vancouver Community College
    Ron Christian College of New Caledonia
    Darren Clay Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts
    Tim Curnow College of the Rockies
    Corey Davison Thompson Rivers University
    Michael French Northern Lights College
    Rita Gower Vancouver Island University
    Dennis Green go2HR
    Linda Halingten go2HR
    Ken Harper Vancouver Island University
    Ken Jakes Jakes and Associates Meat Industry Consultants
    Kimberly Johnstone Thompson Rivers University
    Zito Kare go2HR
    Stuart Klassen Okanagan College
    Philip Lie Vancouver Community College
    Christine Lilyholm North Island College
    Tobias Macdonald Vancouver Community College
    Robyn Mitz Selkirk College
    Gilbert Noussitou Camosun College
    Harry Pringle Selkirk College
    Tony Rechsteiner College of New Caledonia
    Debbie Shore Vancouver Island University
    Ysabel Sukic Vancouver Community College
    Brad Vennard Northwest Community College
    Luzia Zemp Vancouver Community College
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