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4.5: Manipulating Sheets

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    An Excel workbook consists of one or more worksheets.

    Sheet Shortcut menu
    Sheet Shortcut menu

    Much like a binder can have multiple sections of sheets divided by colorful tabs, an Excel workbook can multiple sheets that can be re-arranged, colored and renamed to fit individual organization plans.  Inserting and deleting worksheets is similar to the inserting of columns and rows. In addition to using the Insert or Delete buttons from the ribbon, right-clicking an existing sheet tab will produce a Context Menu with a plethora of options.

    Just as inserting a new column will add the column to the left of the selected column, the newly inserted worksheet will appear to the left of the selected sheet tab. Options exist to insert a blank worksheet or a new sheet based off of an existing template. Clicking and dragging sheet tabs are easy method to rearrange the order of sheets. However, the Move or Copy… command offers the opportunity to move or place a duplicate sheet within an existing, open workbook. Adding tab colors and the Rename option can help organize sheets to user-specific criteria. Sheets can also be hidden and unhidden. If it is necessary to prevent others from unhiding sheets, the workbook can be protected with a password to be able to modify the sheets. The tab scrolling buttons to the left of the sheet tabs are enabled when too many sheets exist to be displayed above the status bar. To quickly add a new, blank sheet to the workbook, click the plus button plus button to the right of the sheet tabs.

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