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11.2: Font Group

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    The Font group provides unlimited customization of text. It allows users to change the font or style of the text, the size of the text, provide text emphasis, and even change the colors.


    Beginning in the upper left-hand corner, the Font Selection Box and Text Size boxes allow customizations of hundreds of font designs and text sizes. The capital “A” button on the right clipboard_ef58fb8d11e115bd80c7c60b0791695f3.png allows the user to gradually increase the text size with the smaller capital “A” button next to it on the right clipboard_e23eb71b72a8c83eb9271f3b66168283f.png decreases the text size. The capital “Aa” button clipboard_e03d782792146acba9d5586271ba7b3f9.png to the right changes the case of the text. Using this feature, selected text can be made into lower case, UPPER CASE, Capitalize Each Word, tOGGLE eACH cASE, and regular Sentence case. Finally, in the button to the right that appears to have an “A” with an eraser clipboard_ec904320aa53ad915cbfef371348a7fae.png removes all the formatting’s from the Font menu. The lower row of the Font group contains Bold clipboard_e11d8de085ced417d2ff171b1dbeeb39d.png, Italics clipboard_e5e5245c013075e68199041e915bea31d.png, and Underline clipboard_ef4ac6a52927ce535514922e613d8028d.png (without underline options for line thickness). Next to these commonly used emphasis tools are strikethrough clipboard_e51fb1c0706c9682e66cd07eb7dc05818.png (which places a line in the text), subscript clipboard_eb1050edd986812f59b2ce7685086fe2c.png (which types small letters under the text), and superscript (which types small letters above the text).Next to subscript and superscript is an outlined letter “A” clipboard_e7685a4151b3556c2595b62bbb6e7e986.png which allows the adjustments of text effects and typography to create shadows for other text effects. To the right is an icon with the letter’s “ab” with a pen clipboard_ec825bb16098028149b10c5aab479e6e3.png. This is the highlighter option which allows the student to choose between multiple colors to highlight the selected text. Finally, to the right of the highlighter menu is an icon of the letter “A” with a line underneath . This control allows the user to change the color of any selected text with an almost infinite number of color options. By clicking on the arrow pointing down and to the right clipboard_e812984f5ecda3f2cc7e8816cfe6a2af1.png in the Font group, an expanded menu with even more options will launch, allowing the user with many more text customization options, as well as the option to set default text options and effects.


    This page titled 11.2: Font Group is shared under a CC BY license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Nick Heisserer (Minnesota State Opendora) .

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