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11.4: Styles Group and editing Tab

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    The Find/Replace/Selection Pane allows you to search for any text in Microsoft Word and replace the text with another text entry. Clicking on the “Find” clipboard_ed5a29ae8b59f330511036f35c7b14d00.png menu will display a side navigation bar allowing the user to find any word or phrase in the document. Clicking on the Replace icon clipboard_e8183a4e829b4ea95b1dca49e6aec8ed4.png will launch a Find and Replace Dialogue box which will allow the user to replace specific text with different text. For example, I wrote a five-page paper on arc-welding, and discovered that arc-welding should be changed to the word “robotic arc welding”, I could use find and replace to automatically replace every phrase “arc welding” with “robotic arc welding”.


    Finally, the Select icon clipboard_ee2dad1019dcaed91c44033ea1103ae7e.png allows the user with more options in selecting text and or objects in the document.

    This page titled 11.4: Styles Group and editing Tab is shared under a CC BY license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Nick Heisserer (Minnesota State Opendora) .

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