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12.9: Links Group

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    Link allows the user to create a hyperlink to a website, email address, or a specific location (via a bookmark) in the document. It is expected that any website that is written in a document be hyperlinked. A document appears to be correctly hyperlinked if its color is blue and it is underlined. Users can also allow for bookmarks to be placed in the document. When a bookmark is created, another text must be hyperlinked and connected to the bookmark. When this occurs, a connection is established, and anytime that a user clicks on the hyperlinked item, they are transported in the document to that specific bookmark. To set up a bookmark, first, the user must highlight the text to be marked, and navigate on the Insert Tab to Bookmark. Next, to link to the bookmark from another place, the user must create a hyperlink. When an email address is hyperlinked, the email application of the computer will automatically be launched, and a compose email window will appear with the specified email address as the receiver. Finally, Cross Reference is like a bookmark, except that it displays the specific name of the text that is bookmarked in the word document.

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