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12.12: Text Group

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    clipboard_e2d023cca6427a5d8fc9896bbc6959f8f.png The text group options allow for the insertion of a variety of text options. Text Box allows the user to insert a textbox in a specific space in Microsoft Word. Once inserted, Word treats the text box as a picture in that the text can be resized, moved around, and reshaped in relation to other text on the screen. There are several textbox options to use in word as templates. Quick parts allow the user to create shortcuts in Microsoft Word. For example, a user could create a Quick Part command so that every time they typed “CLC”, Word would convert those letters to “Central Lakes College”. Users often create Quick Type commands so that when they enter their initials, Microsoft Word automatically inserts their entire name. the Word Art command box allows the user to create colorful and artistic text/phrases in their document with a greater degree of flexibility than simply changing the font size.

    A drop cap creates a large first letter at the beginning of a sentence. Drop caps are often used in novels and creative writing. Clicking on the drop cap icon will allow several different options to display the drop cap. The Signature Line command creates a custom field in Microsoft Word where another user must sign. This command allows for e-Signature, or just a preformatted professional-looking field for the signee to return after the signature. Date & Time provides the user with multiple options to display the current date and time in a variety of languages.


    Users are encouraged to insert the date here rather than entering it on the keyboard because Microsoft Word will automatically update the date on the document unless the “update automatically” command box is left unchecked.

    Finally, Inserting an Object allows for other Microsoft Office files to be inserted inside of the document, along with options for specific functionality of that file’s application. Users may select this command if they wish to insert an excel document.

    This page titled 12.12: Text Group is shared under a CC BY license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Nick Heisserer (Minnesota State Opendora) .

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