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16.5: Text

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    The Text Group allows the user to insert a number of objects into an Excel document to make it more visually appealing and easier to understand. The Text Box command allows the user to insert a textbox anywhere on the document. The Header & Footer command allows for the user to place a document header (usually a title) on a worksheet and a footer (such as the date) on the bottom of the document. The Header and Footer views are visible on the Page Layout view. Selecting Header & Footer launches the Header & Footer Design view, which allows for many customizations to the document.


    In the Design Tab, both Header & Footer display a large number of drop-down menus to allow the user to choose a number of pre-populated fields pertaining to the document. In addition, users can insert page numbers, the number of pages, Current Date, Current Time, the File Path, File Name, Sheet Name, and Picture. In addition, users can specify what pages should relate to the Header & Footer and align the Header/Footer with the page that will be printed.

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