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1.4: Course Textbooks and Software

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    The Computer Fundamentals Open Source textbook required for this course is:

    Discovering Information Systems, ISBN 0-620-24194-2 (for the printed edition only) and is distributed under the “Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License. This edition is released for “open use” for non-commercial purposes only. It may be copied and printed freely for personal or educational use without requiring permission from the authors. It can be found at

    Note from your Instructor:

    This text book has a date of 2006, but provides straight forward information on Computer Fundamentals that is still valid.


    Your assignments also require you to read reference material from various Wikipedia web pages, view designated YouTube videos, and perform various Practical Exercises. These materials expand on and add detail to the text book material. It is important that you read and view all of the assigned material for each assignment in order to get the full range of knowledge on the subject matter.

    Supplemental eBook

    Even though it is not assigned reading, the Microsoft Office text book, Office 2013 All-In-One For Dummies, ISBN 978-1-118-51636-2, authored by Peter Weverka and published by Wiley Publishing is provided for reference and can be downloaded for free at It is your responsibility to comply with the copyright licensing. Regardless of the “For Dummies” in the title, the book is a comprehensive compendium of the Microsoft Office applications and will provide worthwhile learning on all of the Microsoft Office applications required in the course.

    Software Programs

    You will also need the following software to complete this course.

    • Windows 8
    • Office 2013 Professional Edition. *Read the information below to get a free copy of full version of Office 2013.
      • If you already have Office 2013, make sure you have access to the professional version of Office 2013. The standard version does not include Access.
        *NOVA students can get a free copy of Access 2013 through the MSDNAA agreement that NOVA has with Microsoft. Send me an email if you need a copy but do so at least one month before the Access assignment is due.
      • Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription-based cloud service that is FREE to VCCS students. It is a full version of Office (Access is incuded for PC users). You can find the information on how to access it and technical support under the NOVA tab after you log into Blackboard. If you have questions or need assistance, contact your support desk.
        You may also learn more about Office 365 from the NOVA website,
    • If you are using Office for the MAC, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are compatible with Office 2013. You can also download Office 365 to your Mac. It includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Office for the MAC does not include Access. You will have to use a PC to complete the Access assignments or install Access in a virtual environment on your MAC.
    CC licensed content, Original

    1.4: Course Textbooks and Software is shared under a CC BY license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by LibreTexts.

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