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5.18: Assignment- Web Site Evaluation Discussion Forum

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    1. If you have not already done so, read HOW TO EVALUATE WEB RESOURCES on the NOVA library web site.
    2. Choose a web site related to your field of study. For example, if you are a Psychology major, you might choose something like the American Psychological Association. If you are an Accounting major, you might choose something like The American Institute of CPAs.
    3. Post your responses to the following questions in the class discussion board:
      1. What is the URL of the web site you choose to evaluate?
      2. Why did you choose this web site?
      3. What is the purpose of the web site?
      4. What type of domain does it come from?
        (educational, nonprofit, commercial, government, etc.)
      5. Who published and/or wrote the pages on the web site?
      6. Are biases clearly stated and are affiliations clear? How do you know?
      7. Is the site current enough? How do you know?
      8. What are the author’s credentials on this subject?
      9. Are sources documented with footnotes or links and are there links to other resources on the topic?
      10. Would you recommend this web site to others? Why or why not? If you recommend it, how can others use the web site for the purpose you identified?
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