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2.10: Activity- Experience Web Content From a Different Perspective

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    NOTE: If you are a regular day-to-day screen reader user (i.e., you are blind or have significant vision loss and must use a screen reader) do the alternate activity below instead of this one. This first activity is for first-time, or novice, screen reader users, and those who do not use a screen reader on a regular basis.

    This exercise will help you understand accessibility firsthand, by experiencing the Web as someone who is blind might experience it. If you have not already, go back to the ChromeVox section earlier in this unit, and setup ChromeVox yourself.

    Be sure to review the ChromeVox Keyboard Commands [docx] before completing this activity, or have it printed off beside you for easy reference.

    If you do not regularly use a screen reader, turn off your computer monitor while navigating through a familiar website with ChromeVox to experience what it’s like to access web content by screen reader only. Note some of your thoughts and feelings on this experience as self-reflection.

    Screen Reader User Alternate Activity

    NOTE: This alternate activity is for people who use a screen reader on a regular basis. You are likely blind or have significant vision loss that requires you to use a screen reader to access your computer, and the Web. If you are not a regular screen reader user, do the activity above instead of this one.

    The goal of the activity above is to help people who do not use a screen reader better understand the challenges of navigating the Web without being able to see what one is navigating through. If you are a regular screen reader user, you already know these challenges. Here are a few questions to consider as self-reflection about your experience:

    • What screen reader(s) do you use, and for how long?
    • Which web browser do you typically use, and why?
    • What are some of the most common barriers you encounter on the Web?
    • How would you recommend non-screen reader users use screen readers in their accessibility auditing activities?

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