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3.1: Selecting Text and Applying Effects

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    Learning Objectives

    • How to select text within a document coupled with how to apply commonly used effects such as bold, font types, etc. onto the selected text.

    Selecting Text

    If you want to select a text you have to:

    • Move insertion point to the word that you want to select
    • left click in the mouse and select the wanted text

    Applying Effects

    If you want to apply effect in your text:-

    • From the font box which is placed in home tab you can apply effects in your text such as, font, size, bold, underlined, italic …
    • You have to select the text, and then press the icon that you desire.
    Picture 3.1.2.jpg

    The explanations for these numbers are:-

    1. Bold: to make your type apper like this.
    2. Italic: to make your type face curve or (bend) to the right like this.
    3. Underline: to make a line below your text Like this.
    4. Strikethrough: to cross the text or make a line at the middle of the text.
    5. Highlight color: to highlight a text.
    6. Font color: to change the font color.
    7. Font size: to change the text size.
    8. Font: to change the font hand writing or style.

    This page titled 3.1: Selecting Text and Applying Effects is shared under a CC BY license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Kenneth Leroy Busbee (OpenStax CNX) .

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