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4.1: Sending Messages

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    If half of communication is listening, the other half is speaking and expressing thoughts and feelings in a clear way. Sending effective messages includes both verbal communication (the words you use) and non-verbal communication (body language).


    Figure 1: Giving and receiving feedback includes being aware of body language and facial expressions

    Effective feedback should let the receiver know which behaviour or performance is desired and which is not. It should allow both the giver and the receiver the opportunity to ask questions and get further clarification, and it can result in discussions that can benefit both parties. Effective feedback can also lead to advice or recommendations on how to handle an issue or situation better in the future.

    As an apprentice, you should receive a lot of feedback from your employer, supervisor, coworkers, and even clients. You’ll get feedback on the job site, and if you work for a larger company you may also have a performance review that will provide you with feedback. Should you not be receiving any feedback, take the initiative to ask your employer or co-workers to comment on your performance.

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