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1.12: Theme Catering Event

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    • Marshall Welsh & William R. Thibodeaux
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    Performing a Catered Tailgate Event

    In this class you will call upon the your new skill sets and the knowledge gained in Chapter Seven and Chapter Eight to plan and execute a Tailgate Themed Event. Key concepts used in preparation for this event include:

    1. requisition,
    2. room diagram,
    3. load list,
    4. game plan, and
    5. fire schedule.

    This is a graded practical examination.

    Review Topic 7 regarding Catering and Buffet presentation. Refer to course handouts and or recipes provided by your instructor via the LMS (Learning Management System) ex. Moodle®.

    1. You will be tasked with developing your menu first.
    2. After this, you should create a requisition for any groceries you need from the commissary. Before communicating with the commissary, fill out a load list (the entire list of equipment needed to execute the event).
    3. From the load list add any items the storeroom handles to the requisition. For example, Sterno for the chaffers.
    4. Next, create a game plan for the team to use in preparation and execution of the buffet.
    5. A leader should keep track of firing schedule for the food and banquet set up.

    The requisition

    This is an excel spreadsheet provided in the LMS. It is a list of all the necessary ingredients from the storeroom to complete this practical. Some items on this list could be food, utensils, Sterno, chaffers, etc. and should be found on the load list you prepare.

    1. The load list - All the things you need to do the event. Pretend you cannot go back to the kitchen to get it once you are there.
    2. The game plan - This will keep you on schedule; remember you cannot be late to a catered event. If you make a mistake here, it is only points on a grade; if you do it in real life, it could cost you the profit in discounts to the customer or worse- you could be in court.
    3. The room diagram or set up plan - Someone should be in charge of the banquet staff element of the event and be responsible for this part and its success.
    4. This practical will require collaboration between your instructor and team. It will also require a significant amount of preparation.


    Sausage buffet platter from CJFCI student-
    Photo by Chef Marshall Welsh CEC

    Classroom Preparation Assignment \(\PageIndex{1}\)

    Buffet and Catering Tailgate Event

    1. Name the five key concepts used in preparation for the event.
    2. What is a requisition?
    3. Why is a load list important?
    4. Why should you create a room diagram?
    5. What is a fire schedule?

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