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2.5: Industry Resources

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    Agri Beef
    American Lamb Board
    Butterball Foodservice
    Maple Leaf Farms
    National Cattlemen’s Beef Association
    National Pork Board
    National Turkey Federation
    North American Meat Institute


    Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute
    Bureau of Seafood and Aquaculture
    National Aquaculture Association


    American Egg Board
    Apricot Producers of California
    Avocados from Mexico
    California Cling Peach Board
    California Cling Peach Board
    California Avocado
    California Dried Plum Board
    California Endive
    California Fig Advisory Board
    California Kiwifruit Commission
    California Pear Advisory Board
    California Raisin Marketing Board * Dietary Tool Kit
    California Strawberry Commission
    California Table Grape Commission
    Cherry Marketing Institute
    Concord Grape Association
    Cranberry Institute
    Cranberry Marketing Committee*Tool Kit
    Dole Packaged Foods *Cost Savings Calculator
    Florida Dept. of Citrus
    Hass Avocado Board *Tool Kit
    Idaho Potato Commission *Cost & Sizing Guides
    Leafy Greens Council
    Leaf Greens Marketing Association Louisiana Sweet Potato Commission
    Mushroom Council
    National Honey Board *Teacher Guide
    National Mango Board *Lesson Plans
    National Onion Association*Lesson Plans
    National Processed Raspberry Council
    National Watermelon Promotional Board
    NC Sweet Potato Commission
    New York Apple Association
    North American Blueberry Council
    Northwest Cherry Growers
    Olives from Spain
    Oregon Raspberries and Blackberries
    Pacific Northwest Canned Pear Service
    Pear Bureau
    Pomegranate Council
    Potatoes USA
    Produce for Better Health Foundation
    The Soyfoods Council
    U.S. Apple Association
    USA Rice Federation
    Washington Red Raspberry Commission
    Washington State Apple Commission
    Washington State Potato Commission
    Wheat Foods Council *Tool kits and classroom materials
    Wild Blueberry Assn. of North America

    Oil, Spices and Seasonings

    North American Olive Oil Association *Classroom materials

    Nuts and Legumes

    Almond Board of California*Tool Kit
    American Pistachio Growers
    California Walnut Board
    National Peanut Board

    Dairy Products

    Emmi Roth USA *Pairing information
    Real CA Milk
    Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board Pairing guides

    Specialty Foods

    New York Wine & Grape Foundation

    Baking Ingredients

    Guittard Chocolate Company
    Bay State Milling Co.


    Barilla America
    Bay State Milling Co.
    Dole Packaged Foods *Cost Savings Calculator
    Knouse Foods
    Unilever Food Solutions
    Verterra Dinnerware

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