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12: Spices and Other Flavourings

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    • 12.1: Herbs
      Herbs tend to be the leaves of fragrant plants that do not have a woody stem. Herbs are available fresh or dried, with fresh herbs having a more subtle flavour than dried. You need to add a larger quantity of fresh herbs (up to 50% more) than dry herbs to get the same desired flavour. Conversely, if a recipe calls for a certain amount of fresh herb, you would use about one-half of that amount of dry herb.
    • 12.2: Seasoning and Flavouring
    • 12.3: Elements of Taste
    • 12.4: Flavourings in Baking
    • 12.5: Condiments
    • 12.6: Spices
      Spices are aromatic substances obtained from the dried parts of plants such as the roots, shoots, fruits, bark, and leaves. They are sold as seeds, blends of spices, whole or ground spices, and seasonings. The aromatic substances that give a spice its particular aroma and flavour are the essential oils. The flavour of the essential oil or flavouring compound will vary depending on the quality and freshness of the spice.
    • 12.7: Alcohol and Spirits
    • 12.8: Key Takeaways

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