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2.5: Cut, Copy and Paste

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    Editing a document often requires moving and duplicating text from one location to another. The process of moving text is commonly referred to as cut and paste. When data (text, files, graphics, etc.) is cut, it is removed from the document and placed into temporary memory in the Clipboard. The Cut process can be performed via the scissors icon on the ribbon, using the right-click shortcut menu or using the keyboard equivalent [Ctrl] + X. To paste the recently cut data, position the cursor in the desired location, and then choose Paste from the ribbon, shortcut menu, Paste Options screen tip, or the [Ctrl] + V keyboard shortcut.

    Paste Options
    Paste Options

    The Copy process can be performed to create duplicate data via the Copy icon on the ribbon, using the right-click shortcut menu or using the keyboard equivalent [Ctrl] + C.  The paste process is the same regardless if the prior process is the Cut or Copy option. The paste process offers the paste options menu to allow the user to Keep the Source formatting, Merge the formatting from the source into current document, Keep the Text Only, or paste a picture of the selected data, instead of text. Data can be copied or moved within a document, between multiple documents or between multiple programs. This is a great example of how Microsoft Office is a suite of software applications that use common features to integrate data from one software application to another.


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