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9.5: Sharing

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    Document sharing and collaboration is a central feature in the Office Suites. By clicking on the clipboard_eaf1eb4d9a84d14c3f822bcb6154d84af.png Share Command in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, you can share your document electronically with others. By sharing the document, you can choose whether to allow others to collaborate with you on the document-collaboration allows multiple users to work on the document simultaneously, increasing efficiency and creativity. A difference between sharing the document and sending the document in an email or via disk is that the most current version of the document is always accessible to the user. This means that if you shared the document with another colleague, and the next day discovered a typo that needed correction, you could simply correct the typo and that change would be reflected when your colleague viewed the document. In addition, sharing is more secure because you can always remove permissions to view the file whereas an emailed file can never be recovered. Sharing a document provides more control and security for the user.

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