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14.4: Quick Analysis Toolbar

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    Excel provides many tools to help the user complete their work quickly and efficiently. Another helpful tool is the Quick Analysis Toolbar. When highlighting multiple cells at once, depending on the type of information in the cell, a quick analysis toolbar clipboard_e985f98d49a187c448e84b747417f6545.png may appear in the lower right-hand corner below the last cell highlighted. In addition, the status bar provides helpful calculations in reference to the information highlighted like Average, Count, and Sum.


    Selecting the Quick Analysis button clipboard_e985f98d49a187c448e84b747417f6545.png allows for multiple options to format your information, or to create Charts of the data, calculate the data, create tables, or visual sparklines. More information about these items will be explored in future chapters.


    In addition, in the lower right-hand corner of the highlighted cell, there may be a “+” button. This is an autofill button that will be explained in further detail, but a quick summary of the autofill button is that it can allow the user to copy text from the above cell to other cells by clicking on the “+” sign, and dragging the mouse and highlight the other cells. The autofill button can also copy formulas and are other references.

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