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18.6: Defined Names Group

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    Cells can be named in excel to simplify equations in Excel. For example, I may decide to enter the numbers 1-5 in cells A1-A5. By highlighting cells A1-A5 we can name these cells “numbers” in the upper left-hand corner name box by entering the text. Now, these group of cells will be referred to by the title “numbers” when using a formula or searching for specific cell locations and calculations.


    I can create a formula in cell A6 =sum(numbers) and Excel will understand that I want to add all of the data in Cells A1-A5 because I named those cells numbers. The formula bar displays the cell name.


    The Name Manager icon clipboard_e8cb65193ef5e3d8a75aa3da01be1e248.png in the Defined Names group allows for easy management of cell names. Users can delete, edit, and create new names to use in cells and formulas.


    By selecting the Define Name/icon, users may utilize the New Name Dialog box to select name their cells and also provide a definition of what their name (or group) of cells is named for. This is another way to name a group of cells than was previously provided.


    The Use in Formula icon clipboard_e910dc0ab7f92427bb03b13119481715f.png contains a drop-down that contains a list of all the named ranges in the workbook. The Paste Names command displays the "Paste Name" dialog box that can paste a name into the formula bar for use when creating a formula.


    Finally, the Create from Selection clipboard_e1b7cad3d930f9a2afb4c8d2b95060b8a.png Displays the "Create Names from selection" dialog box. This enables you to name a selected range of cells using a row or column title previously entered.


    This page titled 18.6: Defined Names Group is shared under a CC BY license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Nick Heisserer (Minnesota State Opendora) .

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