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7.8: Self-Test 6

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    Question 1

    When selecting user testers, which of the following prerequisite skills or knowledge should recruits have? Choose all that apply.

    1. Ability to read HTML
    2. Knowledge of WCAG
    3. Good understanding of web technologies
    4. Ability to use multiple assistive technologies
    5. Moderate to expert skill using their own assistive technology
    6. Fluent English speaker
    7. Touch typing skill

    Question 2

    When developing a test protocol, which of the following features should it have? Choose all that apply.

    1. Can be completed in one hour
    2. Multiple short tasks to complete
    3. Coverage of the whole website or application being tested
    4. Time between tasks to ask questions
    5. Printed out on paper for tester to read
    6. Provided in electronic form so it can be read by assistive technologies

    Question 3

    When recording observations during a user testing session, which of the following strategies might be used. Choose all that apply.

    1. Anecdotal notes
    2. Video taping
    3. Audio taping
    4. Recording in a spreadsheet

    Question 4

    During a user testing session which of the following should an observer not do? Choose all that apply.

    1. Ask questions about what a tester is thinking
    2. Provide hints to make a task easier
    3. Help a tester complete a task if they get stuck
    4. Remain quiet
    5. Answer a phone call
    6. Describe to a tester how a task is done
    7. Pay the tester for their time and expenses

    Answers to Self-Test 6

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