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2.3: Basic Tools

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    Let's dive in and look at several ways to save and print a document, some simple editing tools, how to insert and resize an image, and how to share documents with Google Docs. Microsoft Word and Google Docs make it easy to create and edit documents that look professional and are easy to read.

    Note that while some of these videos present commands or features of Google Docs or Microsoft Word, both programs share most of these same basic commands.

    Save and Save As

    Watch this video to learn about the difference between the Save and Save As commands, which you can use to replace or create new versions of your document.

    Printing in Google Docs

    Watch this video learn how to use the print command in Google Docs. The presenter reviews some additional commands on the Google Docs toolbar, such as different style headers which you can use to format the text throughout your document. Note that the version of Google Docs in this video will look different than your version, but the principles are the same.

    Printing Selected Text

    Watch this video to learn how to print a document or a portion of a document.

    Reviewing and Editing

    This video discusses the editing features in Google Docs. When you are collaborating with someone in Google Docs, you can make "suggested edits" that allow the document owner to review, accept, or reject your suggestions. The "voice type" tool lets you input text with your voice. You can also use these features on your phone.

    Inserting an Image

    Watch this video to learn how to insert and resize images you have saved on your computer into Google Docs.

    Dragging Pictures

    Watch this video to learn how to insert, move, and resize images and pictures in Microsoft Word.

    Sharing with Google Docs

    This video demonstrates two ways to share documents you create in Google Docs with someone else. Google offers different types of sharing permissions so you can simply allow your work colleagues to view your materials, or you can offer editing permissions so you can all insert comments and suggest edits to collaborate on a single document.


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