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9.3: Hands-on Activity

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    Students review one NIST case study, either the Olympic Pipeline Explosion or the Maroochy Water Services Incident. They indicate the response steps and describe what went wrong.


    Hands-on Activity Objectives

    • Identify the 14 response core capabilities covered in the National Response Framework.
    • List some of common types of incidents that may occur in SCADA/ICS systems.
    • Identify the phases of an Incident Response, as described in NIST SP 800-61.
    • Explain the components of an Incident Response Plan.



    Download one of the two NIST case studies below.

    [embeddoc url=”” download=”all” text=”Download Olympic Pipeline Explosion”]

    Pipeline Rupture and Subsequent Fire in Bellingham, Washington June 10 1999.”  NTSB/PAR-02/02. PB2002-916502. National Transportation Safety Board.


    [embeddoc url=”” download=”all” text=”Download Maroochy Water Services”]

    This document can also be downloaded from the Internet:


    Review and assess the case you selected.

    Write a short paper describing the response steps and what went wrong in the case study you read.


    Grading Criteria Rubric

    • Content
    • References
    • Use of American Psychological Association (APA) style in writing the assignment

    Grade Points: 100


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