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6.5: Fighters in the War Against Cybercrime- The Modern Security Operations Center

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    Besides the tools and practices discussed earlier to protect ourselves, companies also have increased their investment to fight against cybercrime. One such investment is a dedicated center called Security Operations Center to safeguard companies from internal and external threats.

    Elements of a SOC

    Defending against today's threats requires a formalized, structured, and disciplined approach that is carried out by Security Operations Centers professionals who work closely with other groups such as IT or networking staff. SOCs offers a wide variety of services tailored to meet customer needs, from monitoring and compliance to comprehensive threat detection and hosted protection. SOCs may be wholly in-house, owned and run by a company, or security providers, such as Cisco Systems Inc.'s Managed Security Services, may be contracted to elements of a SOC. The key elements of a SOC are individuals, processes, and technology.

    A great way to fight against threats is through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. AI and machine learning use multi-factor authentication, malware scanning, and fighting spam and phishing to fight against threats.

    Process in the SOC

    SOC professionals monitor all suspicious activities and follow a set of rules to verify if it is a true security incident before escalating to the next level severity for the incident for appropriate security experts to take appropriate actions.

    The SOC has four principal functions:

    • Use network data to check the security warnings
    • Evaluate accidents that have been checked and determine how to proceed
    • Deploy specialists to evaluate risks at the highest possible level.
    • Provide timely communication by SOC management to the company or clients

    Technologies deployed in the SOC include:

    • Event collection, correlation, and analysis
    • Security monitoring
    • Security control
    • Log management
    • Vulnerability assessment
    • Vulnerability tracking
    • Threat intelligence

    Enterprise and Managed Security

    The organization will benefit from the implementation of an enterprise-level SOC for medium and large networks. The SOC could be a complete solution within the company. Yet many larger organizations will outsource at least part of the SOC operations to a security solution provider such as Cisco Systems Inc.