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5.1.1: Overview

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    This module will take a look at databases. First, we will look at the components of a database, the basic functions of a database management system, and the uses and strengths of various database models. A brief comparison between databases and spreadsheets will complete the first page.

    Our second focus will be on database warehouses and data mining. The application databases, database warehouses, and data mining tools will be addressed in the context of customer relationship management (CRM) and the application of CRM in the business environment. The impact of CRM on the way a business approaches advertising and marketing, sales, acquisition of new customers, and customer retention will be explored. The impact of social media on CRM will be investigated, as well as how changes in social media must be addressed by parallel changes in CRM in order for CRM to remain effective.

    Our final focus is on issues related to database security. Database security revolves around the concepts of confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility (CIA) of the data. We will address some common threats to data via database breaches. Some database vulnerabilities that can also lead to compromised CIA will be identified. The primary focal areas for database security risk assessment—critical to preventing or responding to database breaches—will be briefly addressed. Finally, we will look at how you, as an individual, can minimize the potential of a compromise of your personally identifiable information (PII).

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