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7.14: Assignment- Antivirus Protection

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    Assignment Objective

    This assignment gives you practice applying what you have learned to solve a typical computer security problem.


    Imagine the following scenario at a company where you are the computer specialist:

    Your company recently installed high-speed Internet access at the office where you work. There are 50 workstations connected to the network and the Internet. Within a week, half the computers in the office were down because of a virus that was contracted by a screen saver. In addition, network personnel from a university in England contacted the company, claiming that your computer systems were being used as a part of a DDoS attack on their Web site. By the time the damage was repaired, your company had lost about 500 work hours when employees could not use their computers. The company also lost approximately $10,000 in potential revenue by not being able to respond to purchase requests, and narrowly averted a lawsuit from the university. Take steps to prevent this from happening again:

    • Research the price of at least three antivirus and firewall packages on the Internet and determine the most cost-effective package for the company to implement on 50 workstations.
    • Draft a memo to the CEO with your recommendations. Include the following in your memo:
      • A list of the antivirus and firewall packages you researched. You should research and list at least three different antivirus and firewall packages.
      • The antivirus and firewall package you recommend and your reasons for recommending it over the other two packages.
      • An explanation of how the antivirus and firewall products that you recommend would prevent future problems with viruses and with DDoS attacks from your computers on web sites belonging to other organizations.
      • If you need help with creating a memo, please click How to Create a Memo to download the instructions.
    • Compile a list strategies for avoiding virus infections and incorporate this list into a document to be sent to all employees.
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